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Redefining Language Service Industry

Transforming how the language industry works, Transparent is an all-in-one platform that brings together both the talents and the clients of the language industry in one place ─ where learning, business and technology are blended to the benefit of all stakeholders.
When combined, learning and business result in the best-case scenario, while learning and technology come together to create our future and drive our capabilities ─ and, finally, business and technology bear fruit for the whole language community, talents, and clients alike.

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Language Pairs


Last update: 2024-05-29


Everyone is a Talent!

We at Transparent consider everyone who speaks a language to be a talent who is an added value to our team. Read More

Easy, Stable & Reliable Pay!

Forget repeated transfer fees and get your money quickly, regularly and in the way you choose with our unique system. Read More

Earn & Learn Program

We’re dedicated to taking care of your professional development with plenty of learning opportunities. Read More


Talents: From Speakers to Professionals!

A broad spectrum of language talents is available and we are certain to find the right match according to your needs. Read More

Talent Vetting is Our Job!

Verification of talent's essential info (contacts, certificates, etc) and in-depth capability identification, validattion and development. Read More

Simplified Payment Process

Experience the simplicity of having one payment, one transfer fee, and a fully automated payout process. Read More

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